When Buying an Air Conditioner

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Air conditioning units come in a variety of types and sizes. Ending up with the wrong one may cost you more money and a lot of frustration in the long run. Here are some things you need to consider before you make that purchase.

The Right Size

What size air conditioning unit to get will depend mostly on the size of your room. What you would need to look for is the air conditioner with the appropriate British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating. Consider also the temperature of the room: a sunnier room will require a unit with a higher BTU rating. Generally, a room of about 100 sq. ft. will need around 5,000 BTU.

Ease of Installation

Portable air conditioning units require no installation. For other types, you usually need the help of professionals. Check also the amperage of the unit. You may need a dedicated electrical line for units with higher amperage (greater than 7.5 amps). You may need plug adaptors for your unit, so be sure to check if they are included. How ever if you need installation of air condioning, air conditioning installs Brisbane is probably a good place to start looking

Efficiency Rating

You may spend a little more cash on a unit with a higher efficiency rating, but you will more than make up for this extra cost through savings in your electricity bill. Check if the air conditioning unit adheres to the environmental protocols set by your government.


Check how often you will need to clean the unit for maximum efficiency, and how easy it is to clean the air conditioner, however you can also contact air con repairs Gold Coast on south east Queensland to assist you if there are any problems. Also inquire about the availability of service in your area for changing of refrigerant. Ozone-depleting CFCs are being phased out, so check where in your area your particular air conditioning (and its specific refrigerant) unit may be serviced.

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