Advantages of Using Bamboo Floor

More people prefer to use bamboo as floor material mainly for environmental reasons. Unlike other wood species, the bamboo grows and propagates at a faster rate. The Bamboo floor Brisbane has proven its track record in terms of strength and durability.

What is a bamboo plant?

Bamboo is actually a grass with woody and thick hollow stem that can be cut and made into bamboo flooring. The main advantage of this type of grass is that it grows fast, thus, it is very renewable. Even without the use of fertilizers, the bamboo grass can grow and propagate quickly. The root system of the bamboo is very extensive and new shoots grow few months after planting the mother plant. It is widely grown in Asian countries.

Why use bamboo floor?

1) A bamboo may be a grass but it is even harder than other wood species. In fact, it is considered to be 13% stronger than the maple tree and 27% stronger than the oak wood specie. Thus, it is the perfect material for flooring. In addition, the bamboo floor expands and contracts less than timber flooring.

2) A floor that is made from bamboo is very adaptable. It is not affected by temperature changes. Marble flooring gets cold during the winter months, but the temperature of the bamboo floor remains constant. Thus, regardless if you live in a tropical or temperate country, this type of flooring can be installed wherever you may be and have a clean floor.

3) The bamboo floor is not challenging to install. In a matter of few hours, the professionals are done with the installation process. Thus, you do not have to spend too much money on labor.

4) Whether you are on a tight budget or not, there are many types or grades of floors that are made from bamboo that is available for you. Even the lower grades of bamboo floor look elegant and very durable.

5) The floors that are made from bamboo are very versatile. There are many different kinds of shades as well as grains. So you can always choose the one that matches your existing furniture. At the same time, if you will install bamboo floor all over your house, it won’t look boring because you can choose different shades and grains for each room.

6) Lastly, the bamboo plant replenishes at a fast rate so after cutting, the bamboo will grow fast in a span of few years.