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LED Scrollers

Multiple colour messages look attractive, bright and are visually powerful. Most LED light manufacturing companies will give you the option of two colours while some put in an extra colour for free. The usual colour choices are green, yellow and red. You can even opt to have three different coloured messages signifying different pieces of information flashing across the screen. This way the viewer can distinguish between three different types of messages easily.

Animated messages

The special benefit of installing LED sign screens in Sunshine Coast like in your shop front or building front is that you can put up animation effects too. There are more than twenty types of animation messages you cn choose from in terms of screen display. If you are selling kids products, fast moving consumer goods, apparel or are in the food and beverage industry then these signs are very useful for our business.

Differently sized signs

You will have a lot of range in terms of size when it comes to choosing LED scrollers. There are signs as small as 0.6 meters to as large as 2 meters. The size you choose will obviously depend upon the capacity of your shop front, the size of the message you need to display and the occasion you are displaying the sign for.

Creative look

The bright colours in an LED sign give a more creative look. Most other signages are standard and use similar colour tones. Live colours always create a better impact and in the long run, LED signs can be a better choice by far.