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Understanding the Basic Part of Motor Augers and Hand Augers

When you want to drill a hole, you use a powerful tool called an auger. Augers are most commonly used in the wood working and construction industry. Ice fishermen who drill holes in the ice also use augers. Augers come in different kinds therefore they are made of different parts to work properly but there are parts that are common to all augers of different kinds. The most basic part of an auger is its helical blade which makes it possible to cut through materials like ice and wood. Larger and more powerful augers like motor augers need motorized vehicles and other special parts to function properly. Because augers are widely used, their parts are also commonly available in the market.

The spiral shaped blade of an auger that looks like a drill bit is called the auger flighting. The auger flighting is the most important part of an auger. It usually has a pair of sharp blades found at the bottom which allows the auger to puncture the surface where the auger is being used. The purpose of the auger determines the size of the auger flighting and its blades. For instance, an auger that is used to bore through wood will have an auger flighting that is much smaller than one that is used to drill a hole through ice. Augers used in drilling a hole through the ground to extract dirt will have the largest auger flighting.

Another important part of an auger, especially when it comes to hand augers, is its handles. The handle of a hand auger is usually rounded and can spin around. Motor augers, on the other hand, have hands that do not rotate but will allow the user to grip it firmly and steadily while it drills into the surface.

Motorized augers are made of special parts. They have smaller motors than hand augers but these motors still vary depending on the purpose of the auger. Motor augers use a different blade from the hand auger. Augers used in heavy industry like big construction projects have very large blades because they are used to drill large holes.

Now that you know the different parts of the hand and motor auger, you can easily look for the kind of auger part for the type of auger that you have. This is very important since the parts of a motor auger will not work on hand augers.