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Renovating Your Home? Is Bamboo Flooring A Good Option?

Remodeling your home requires careful planning and the materials you use play a crucial role in beautifying its interior. Buying bamboo flooring may have crossed your mind, but you are still hesitant as you do not know how reliable this is. Bamboo is a covering material that is praised for its positive benefits. Although categorized as hardwood flooring, it actually comes from a type of grass.

Bamboo Flooring Benefits

1. It is easy to maintain. If you consider maintaining your previous hardwood flooring a tedious task, one thing you will like about bamboo flooring is that it is easy to clean. You can remove dusts using vacuum clear or floor cleanser.

2. It is eco-friendly. If you want to avoid flooring made of synthetic material, bamboo flooring is a good option because it comes from natural resources.

3. It is water resistant. Water, stains and warping can really be harsh on hardwood but the fact that bamboo is water resistant makes this flooring less prone to damage.

4. It is stylish. Bamboo is appealing because it has the features of a hardwood. It provides elegance to your home because of its distinct appearance.

The Drawbacks

1. It is not as hard as other wood flooring. If you are looking for the kind of flooring that is strong and really hard, bamboo may not be a great option for you. It is much softer as compared to other hardwood flooring.

2. It has the tendency to plump due to humidity. Bamboo is not suitable for areas that are very humid as the moisture causes the floor to plump.

3. It can be prone to scratches. Although bamboo is easy to maintain, there is no guarantee that it can be free of scratches. If you have pets at home, their claws can cause scratches and may result in damaging your flooring over time.

If you want to use bamboo flooring, make sure it is installed in an area that is not prone to stains, spills and scratches. Bamboo is indeed an appealing hardwood flooring but your purpose of adding aesthetic sense to your home will be defeated if you do not weigh the possibilities.

Ask yourself if bamboo is really worth investing in.You can try it for yourself. Check the Bamboo Flooring Brisbane. Keep in mind that you are remodeling your home and that means giving it a fresh look. If this type of flooring is not a good fit for your home, you may as well consider other types of hardwood flooring.

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