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Tips on Maintaining Leather Shoes during the Rainy Season

You might have an enviable collection of men’s designer shoes in your closet which you accumulated through the years but did you know that shoes (especially expensive leather shoes) are very high maintenance items. You will need to take good care of your shoes if you want them to last for many years. The rainy season can be especially difficult for leather shoes so here are a few tips that will help you tide over this difficult time.

Polishing leather shoes

The one thing that can extend leather life is a good coat of high quality shoe polish. Leather is very susceptible to moisture and attracts water droplets which then seep in deep into the material. Giving your shoes regular coats of polish will form a protective layer over them. Shoe polish is hydrophobic in nature and will repel water droplets. See Creative Custom Mens Dress Shoes On Line for Men

Before applying the layer of shoe polish it’s important to brush away all the dust and grime from the shoes using a soft bristled brush. Make sure that any mud which sticks on to your leather shoes is immediately wiped away by a soft cloth. Mud hardens and tends to form a thick layer over the shoe which becomes very difficult to remove.

Storing leather shoes well

Make sure that you switch on the fan and evaporate foot odour completely before you put the shoes inside the closet. Accumulated sweat and foot odour is extremely conducive to fungal growth inside the shoe. Put a foot tree inside the shoe to retain their natural shape so that no creases or lines disturb the surface of the shoe. A foot tree is made of natural wood and in the shape of a foot. The shoe should be then put inside a closet after encasing them in a cloth shoe bag.

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