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Why Multifocal Contact Lenses are the most Preferred

One of the biggest health issues people face when they grow older is a deterioration on their vision. Most people above the age of fifty across Australia hated the fact that they had to start wearing glasses. The reason for the same was extremely simple. No matter what frames they use, using glasses makes a person look older than their actual age.

Well, luckily medical science has come up with a better solution. The name of this solution is Multifocal Contact lenses. However, most people get confused with the variety of contact lenses available in the market. So let us start looking at the types of these lenses available for use.

  • Soft contacts- As the name suggests, these lenses are extremely soft and easy to use. Hence they are recommended to people who are afraid to switch over from glasses to lenses. By using this type of lenses, the transition is made much simpler. They are much easier to place and can be easily removed in the night while sleeping.
  • Rigid contacts- One of the biggest issues faced between choosing glasses or lenses is vision correction. People do not feel that contacts can correct their visions. However , there are rigid Multifocal Contact Lenses that serve this exact purpose. However, users need to be warned that while the vision will be better, these lenses are hard and not as flexible as their soft counterparts.
  • Hybrid contacts- What if you could get the benefit of soft and rigid contact lenses in one combined product? Well this is exactly the reason why Hybrid contacts were invented. These contact lenses are soft to use yet provide much clearer vision just like the rigid contacts. These lenses have a hard middle portion and a softer outer portion. Learn about Multi-focal contact lenses here.

Next let us look at the various benefits connected with Multifocal Contact Lenses.

  • Vision Correction- One of the biggest benefits is that people can use these lenses to improve their vision. In order to do this, the wearer needs to get checked by a qualified optimerist and then visit an optician with the prescription. Based on the prescription, the optician will fit you with the correct pairs of lenses.
  • Can be used by all age groups- It is not uncommon to see different people on the beach with contact lenses. Today, people under the age of 40 and kids under the age of 20 can aslo be fitted with these lenses.
  • Change your colors easily- Today these contact lenses are available in different colors. Hence it means that you can easily switch your lenses as per the wardrobe or occasion and not reach for your eye glasses to read the menu.
So the next time, your optometrist says the words Vision correction, do not fret as you have a better option available to you.