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Plantation Shutters- How Do We Clean Them?

Plantation shutters are beautiful, clean lines that offer elegance as well as the timeless grace to your home which is unparalleled to what other options have to offer. However, just like other window covering they need to be cleaned on different occasions so that you can ensure they will maintain their definitive beauty. With proper cleaning method they will remain looking stunning throughout their life in your home.

One of the ways is to regularly dust them ones in a while so that to ensure they continue to look their best without accumulating some grime. It is possible to clean your plantation shutters Melbourne yourself. These can be done by using a dry or slightly dampened cloth or even a disposable duster to help you get rid of the dust. To start, begin opening the shutters then dust the entire structure (From top to bottom). You should take extra care when opening the louvers so that you can dust each one of them on both sides. Remember also to dust the detailed parts of the window and sill it to keep the shutter at its cleanest.

Plantation Shutter

Even if by simply dusting regularly should keep your shutters looking amazing, sometime they will need to have a more detailed cleaning for some reasons or other. When your plantation shutters need a little more care than what a simple dusting would provide, you will need to clean it in detail. You will need to mix a solution of dish soap and warm water, which should be diluted at a ratio of one teaspoon to a gallon of water. To start off, you should dip a sponge or soft cloth into the solution; wring it thoroughly until it is damp. Use the same procedure you use when dusting by starting from the top all the way through every louver then, finish with cleaning the window. Once you’ve removed the grime from the shutter and windows, remove the soap or any residue by using a fresh cloth which has been dampened using plain clean water.

Based on where they are situated in your home will matter when it comes to the attention need to clean your shutters. Those that are located in your dining areas, bathroom, kitchen and children's rooms will most likely require more detailed cleaning as compared to those that are located in other parts of your home. This is due to the fact that, they are likely to gather grease, accidental food splatters, dirt, Hairspray, food particles and other forms grime that is difficult to remove. For these locations it would be important for you to give clean them regularly to avoid grime buildup, failure to give this areas a detailed cleanup will make it difficult to clean after a short time and will result in shortening their lifespan at the end.

Building and pest inspectors should be hire to check our house against termites,rodents and others.