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Promotional pens

Promotional pens are pens that usually bear the name of a business, company or brand which are given away as gifts to celebrate special occasions or offered as limited editions. There are several methods of getting promotional pens printed with texts or designs and here are three of the best known methods of printing the needed designs for these pens.

Silk-screen Printing

Believe it or not, silk-screen printing can also be used as a printing method for promotional pens. With silk-screen printing, it is assured that the ink will stay on regardless if the material used is plastic or metal. Silk-screen printing makes use of screen meshes which are then loaded with ink and a squeegee is used to transfer the ink onto the surface of the material to be printed on. When silk-screen printing is used to print promotional pens, a method called the all-around printing is used. This technique allows printing companies to print on the pen’s rounded surface which makes it effective in getting the job done. Silk-screen printing is quick, easy and is sure to produce a lot of customized pens.

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Engraving, more specifically laser engraving, is another method of creating promotional pens. This method is only available for selected pens whose bodies chosen are made out of metal or acrylic plastics. Laser engraving gives customized pens a very elegant look, enhancing only the aesthetic appeal of the metal-bodied pens. Laser engraving is easily understandable as lasers are used to print the design on the pen bodies. It should be noted, however, that getting customized pens in this manner is an expensive investment The laser engraving will be the only investment to be thought carefully about unless if the pen’s body is chosen to be metal as well. This is the reason why some metal promotional pens are given away or sold in limited numbers only.

Pad printing

Pad printing is the quickest way of getting promotional pens printed. Pad printing, also known as tampography, is one of the quickest ways of getting things printed and is actually the commonly chosen printing method of printing on object that may be difficult to leave an image or text on such as electronic gadgets, sports equipment and of course, personalized pens. Pad printing is performed using a cliché and a pad of silicone and the design can then be transferred easily by such method. Despite the method’s name, pad printing does not easily come off and will last for a long time.