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How a Real Estate Agent Determines a Good Termite Inspector

Termite inspection is almost always conducted when you are buying or selling a property. Termite inspection is needed so that the termites can be exterminated before the property is sold or rented out. Since real estate agents are the ones who are experienced in buying and selling properties, they are the ones who know the most reputable termite inspection companies. Real estate agents find the best Termite Inspections through the following characteristics:

Termite Inspectors


A good termite inspection company is never late for appointments. Being on time means that the company is reliable. Moreover, the termite inspector should be able to come up with reports that are clear, thorough, truthful, and easy to understand.


For most clients, the cost of termite inspection plays a big role. The real estate agent will do his best to find a termite inspection company that is reasonably priced. The process of buying and selling a property entails a long list of expenditures; therefore it is necessary that the real estate agent is able to keep costs as low as possible.

Completed work

Termite inspection companies should be able to complete their job in a timely manner. They should be able to do the termite inspection thoroughly so that they can provide accurate reports. Needless to say, a termite inspection should carry the proper license in order to be recognized by the real estate agent who will hire them on behalf of the buyer. They should also be available for a second inspection in case it is needed or requested by the client.



Customer relations

With the many different termite inspection companies that they have worked with, real estate agents can easily match a client with the right company. For instance, a client who is about to purchase a Victorian-style house, the real estate agent will call a termite inspection company that specializes in Victorian homes. A first time and nervous client will most likely be more comfortable if matched with a personable termite inspector.

A real estate agent is knowledgeable about everything that concerns buying and selling properties. Since termite inspection is one of the many requirements of these kinds of transactions, the real estate agent is one of the most reliable people who can lead a client to the best termite inspection company available.