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How Does a Wood-Burning Pizza Oven Work?

A wood-fired pizza oven is generally made from clay bricks. There is a door on the front of the wood oven. In a few cases, this is the only door. However, a lot such ovens also have a chimney. More modern wood-fired pizza ovens are built of refractory concrete. This is a distinctive mix of concrete that is particularly made to withstand drawn-out exposure to high heat.


The first step in using a wood-fired pizza oven is to build a fire inside. The opening and chimney flue should be left open at the time of firing. While the fire ignites, the internal of the oven swallows and contains the heat. When the internal of the oven chamber is white-hot, the fire should be approved to die down. The hot ashes should be swept out, or off to the bind. The opening and chimney are then sealed and the hotness is allowed to even out within the oven. In a plenty minutes, the oven is prepared to bake pizzas.

Baking a Pizza

A wood-fired pizza oven will make a crispy, slim crust pizza in only 90 seconds. The highest length of duration that a pizza should be cast aside in the oven is 2 1/2 minutes. The length of duration that an oven will absorbs its heat is decided by the thickness of the walls. Walls that are about 4 inches bulky should absorb their heat long enough to bake pizzas for nearly 6 hours. To cook for lengthy periods of time, a small quantity of hot coal can be kept in the back of the oven to manage the high heat.

Advantages of a Wood-Fired Oven

Woodfired Pizza Brisbane is admired by the restaurants that specialize in pizza. Not only are they frequently fascinating, and fun for clients to watch, they are exclusively economical. A wood-fired pizza oven with a little fire in the back will manage its heat all day, using only a little quantity of wood for fuel. Keeping a general oven going for the same quantity of time would be without hope expensive. Wood ovens are also very environmental friendly as they generate no chemical gases.

Other Uses

This kind of wood-fired pizza oven can frequently be used for additionally than just pizza. Meats can be roasted in the oven for lengthy duration of time. As the hotness in the oven decreases, it can be used to make breads, cakes, and casseroles. Any grease that is left inside the oven will easily burn off and it does not need to be cleared up. The general use for these ovens was to dry fruits, herbs and mushrooms and wood-fired pizza ovens can still be used for these intensions as well.

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