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LED bulbs are made up of small solid LED light bulbs which are extremely energy-efficient. Until recently, LEDs were limited to single-bulb use in applications such as instrument panels, pen lights, electronics and, more recently, strings of indoor and outdoor architectural lights. LED Bulbs are becoming a big hit in the market.

All Apps believe that LED Tubes and Globes signals the death of the common incandescent light bulb. It is time to wave good-bye to flickering fluorescents and power guzzling incandescent bulbs. Led light bulbs help the planet breath easier, as every incandescent and fluorescent bulb replaced with an led means less coal burned to produce electricity, reduced greenhouse gas emission, less mercury pollution and less solid waste to be disposed off in landfills.

All Apps LED lighting are super bright white lights, ideal for accenting indoor or outdoor railing applications. These systems for garden lighting too are available in 12v and each draws only. Each microstar has an expected bulb life cycle of 50,000 hours or 12 years of 10 hour/day usage. They provide very sufficient levels of light to illuminate railing features without hot spots and dark shadows. The addition of All Apps Bulb, tubes, globes LED lights is both functional and architecturally creative. Field tested in demanding situations.
Led lighting are starting a revolution.

LED lighting (LED bulbs, LED tubes and LED globes) are creating a stir in the interior design industry and the home do-it-yourself market in Brisbane and entire Australia. It is now possible to apply led lighting to virtually any surface to create dazzling effects with the minimum of expense and disruption to your home. Solar fairy christmas outdoor lights led guide. Solar fairy lights: choosing the perfect solar fairy lights for your christmas festivities, wedding, party or outdoor lighting occasion. This article helps you understand what to look for when purchasing solar fairy lights. Choosing good quality solar fairy christmas lights, there are many designs to choose from. This article provides a checklist for choosing led solar fairy christmas lights for the outdoors, weddings, parties and any festive occasion. Solar fairy lights are perfect in situations where plugging into mains power proves difficult, or you just want to do your thing for the environment and reduce your power use over the festive season.