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Engagement rings- A bonding between two

When two hearts are determined to unite, rings help them. This statement simply denotes the significance of engagement and marriage rings. Each and everything has its own history. In such standpoint, the engagement rings too have a unique history. But the origin is old enough to make one excite. The presentation of Engagement rings started back from the ancient cave men. It is said that they used a grass in a braided form to tie in the wrists or angles of the life mate, they chose. This has evolved as an Engagement ring we use at present.

The use of Engagement rings is simply to denote that the couples’ promise to marry each other. They are said to be bound together through the rings. The process may be seen as a lavish part of evidence but it extremely refers to the individual’s love and devotion towards each other. People usually wear the rings on the ring finger, which is fourth in number from the thumb finger. Just because, there was a belief, the finger is connected to the heart directly. Thus it creates a cute and romantic feel as well. The engagement rings are different from marriage rings in their designs which switch over from elegant to simpler design. During the wedding ceremony, the engagement ring is moved to the right hand.

The kinds of Engagement are very vast. They use different kind of gems and stones as per their taste and beliefs. Among them, the diamond stone takes the lead. They are very commonly used due to their beauty and lavishness. Some believe the diamonds are the best to wear as they quite sentimental. Some people use different gems like ruby and emerald as per their personalities and beliefs. However while choosing Engagement rings, several things have to be readily considered. The first thing to be considered is the shape preferred for the specified finger, which will determine the elegancy of the ring. Second thing is the settings. One has to make a look on the stone settings before choosing the ring. Moreover, the metal, size and durability of the bands are also known to be taken care of.

However, trends and styles have gone to a new stage. Remarkable designs are invented at present. Engagement rings have become innovative with the featured add-ons. Permanent rings are invented which are extra special. They are pierced through the veins and are connected eternally. Some rings include fingerprints of the individuals on them. Some are engraved and some look like nerds and some have gears. One among them uses electric circuits as well. Above all, the current scenario is based upon rings which are designed according to the heart beat and blood pressure. In Overall viewpoint, Engagement rings have become awesome.