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What’s So Good About Engineered Timber Flooring

Before anything else, for those who are not familiar with the term, engineered timber flooring is just timber that is engineered so that it will provide more comfort to the buyers like it is more resilient to moisture, more stable and most of all, more durable. Don’t mistake engineered timber flooring from laminated flooring as laminated is an imitation while the engineered timber flooring is comprised of real timber put together and bound by veneers. So, if you will analyze it, timber flooring are undeniably more durable being it is a buildup of real timbers and not just synthetics like in the laminated wood flooring. In fact, once installed, if you are not an expert on woods, you will hardly see any difference as engineered timber woods really look like real planks. Only you know about it being you are the one who bought it.

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Making use of engineered timber flooring Melbourne is in fact more beneficial than if you use the real planks and laminated wood flooring. Firstly as what is mentioned above, they are more resilient to moisture thus they are the best to areas where dampness most probably will develop like in the basements and many other places. Unlike before when they are just good in first floors like can only be installed directly on slabs, but due to the advent of technology, they are now versatile and can be used just in any part of your house. You can even just install them yourself if you have the experience being they can be glued.

What is meant by more stability in engineered timber flooring? It means that unlike hardwood wherein during adverse conditions can develop warping or even swell, engineered timber flooring will not because of how they are structured. The multiple ply plank structure of the engineered timber flooring inhibits the possible twisting and therefore remains intact and flat. Engineered timber flooring has at least three layers though you can also avail more than that. You should take note though that the more layers, the more durable they are and you can easily have a clean floors.

Engineered timber flooring can also be refinished depending on the thickness of your choice. Be informed though that if you will choose a thinner engineered timber flooring, then refinishing is not possible. Refinishing will only be possible when you will get the thicker ones like you can even do it a number of times.

You can install engineered timber flooring in three ways. You can glue them over plywood or in slabs, nail them down over subfloor made of plywood, and you can also have then floated over subfloor made of concrete or plywood. But for best result especially if you are not really experienced in this matter, have a professional do the installation for you.

So, there are all about engineered wooden flooring. Knowing all about them should make you see why they are greatly preferred these days. In fact, you can have them in your own place as well!

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