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Practice the Art of Selecting a Wedding Photographer

After making her say ‘yes’ to your wedding proposal, one of the first things that you need to consider is the wedding photographer. This is as important as the venue and the dress as the person who is responsible for taking your photos will be the one who will be producing the most important memorabilia on that day, which is your wedding album. So be very wise in the selection of a wedding photographer and listed below are some tips on how you can choose the right one for you:


The personality is important as the style of taking photos is most of the time dependent on the personality of the photographer. If he is a spontaneous person, he may dislike the idea of taking posed and directed wedding pictures. If the wedding photographer is very artistic and his ideas are revolutionary, he may come-up with too artsy wedding photos which you may too artistic for your own taste. There are different kinds of wedding photography such as the traditional and the photojournalism wedding photography and it is up to you as to which style suits you best. Apart from his style of taking wedding photos, you must remember that he will be interacting a lot with your guests and you do not want someone who is rude and who may have some issues with your guests.

So select the wedding photographers Brisbane whose style of taking photos matches your personality and someone who can have a good rapport with your guests and these factors can be seen during the initial interview.

Package inclusion

Each photographer has different packages and some of them have a tie-up with a video company. Each wedding photographer also has different kinds of wedding albums and the numbers of prints is also dependent on the package. Some of them provide a mini wedding album for the guest of honors such as sponsors. Depending on your budget, the wedding photographer must be able to adapt to your budget and give a package that is worth your money.

You may also want to consider the length of time that the wedding photographer can show you the prints. So if you are moving in another country and have time issues, it is best that you discuss this with the photographer.

Indoor of outdoor wedding

Some photographers specialize in outdoor photography so in case your wedding will be held in a beach or other outdoor venue, inform the photographer right away so you can be sure that he has the proper gadgets for outdoor wedding photography.