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Secrets of Steam Carpet Cleaning

• Test your carpet.
Carpets just like clothes, are made out of different and various fabric and material. Before steam cleaning, test your carpet. You do not want to burn, tear or lift your carpet's colour by using a steam homemade or extra-strength product. You can test the product on a hidden part of your carpet like in your closet. You can also check in with your product manufacturer or provider to confirm or inquire if the product is suitable for your type of carpet.

• Minor tricks that help your steam carpet cleaning process.
Before you steam clean your carpet, check for stains that can be removed using different methods. This could be stains of beer, wine or orange juice. Use vinegar or club soda to get rid of the stains. You can also vacuum your floors before cleaning your carpet. This will help reduce the levels of dirt and dust on your carpet. Avoid stepping on your carpet with shoes from outside that might tag along dirt, mud, chewing gum or dust. This will be helpful in the essence your carpet will remain clean for longer. Also avoid breaking stuff on your carpet since this might be harmful. A carpet can hide shuttered pieces of glass and you might end up stepping on it barefoot. 

• Do not steam your carpet on humid summer or cold winter days.
Steam carpet cleaning requires a lot of dry air. At times your carpet may have smelly odours from pet accidents, food spillage or bacteria. Using baking soda may not be enough that is why steam cleaning is necessary. But for this to happen, you need your carpet to dry fast. This can prove hard during cold days, that is why its advised to steam clean during hot days to enable your carpet dry fast. This also helps avoid a steamy stuffy house. 

• Maintain a clean carpet.
Carpet steam cleaning Melbourne is important but what if you can find ways to not do it regularly? By so doing, you will save up a lot of time and resources. Maintain a clean carpet by placing door mats at every door. Avoid spillage of foods that can be stepped on. Make sure family members and guests leave their shoes outside the door. Make it a habit to vacuum on a regular/ daily basis to get rid of dust or loose dirt lying around. It definitely feels good to step or be in an environment with a clean carpet.