Decorative LED Ribbons, Strip Lights

LED flexible ribbons, neons can create color-changing effects for LED decorative lighting and LED signage lighting. This LED lights with high power LEDs, SMD LEDs or RGB LEDs is energy efficient, highly reliable and long durable. Protect your privacy with the best Window Blinds Sydney.

10mm standard LED Ribbon utilizes super bright LEDs to deliver cool and even light. It features longer lifetime, higher brightness, lower energy consumption and even color at the tightest color tolerances.
10mm resin LED ribbon is available in red, green, blue, yellow, white colors and also RGB color that allows you to create stunning color changing effects with our controller.
10mm silicone tube LED ribbon is flexible, slim and high bright LED light strip with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. It is easy to install. Low working voltage and low heat damage ensure safe applications.

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Wall glass covers

The design of the kitchen has a lot of impact while choosing the wall covers and Art Framing North Brisbane while there is fundamental importance to the material the cover is made from as much as the colour selection, the texture and the style for optimum combination with the designed look of the entire kitchen.

The glass cover is modern cover and is a world trend , giving the kitchen prestige look and feel.

It is possible to choose between transparent glass or milky half transparent and create design effects combining lighting behind the glass.

Glass cover to the kitchen gives aesthetics appearance, young and fashionable in variety of colours and designs while it is possible to print on top of the glass shapes, drawings, pictures and elements, or burn various textures, following personal taste.

The professional, experienced of Vista Glass will give you the best consultation so the combination between the glass cover using glass splashbacks Brisbane and the cabinets will at the right tones using the right texture, which will create the perfect kitchen. That while giving personal service and escort all along the way.

Glass cover provide maximum protection to the wall and compare to a china cover it is an easier cover to clean, without any slots, is not annexing stains and gives the kitchen light look transparent and glowing.

The choice in between the glass and the other types should be done while considering number of important parameters:

The budget, the design and style of the kitchen and the character of use as glass spalshbacks fits kitchen with elegant lines, sharp combing transparency with the accessories and elements. Additionally it is possible to create harmonic look while choosing some colour tone of the glass and the marble surface.

Vista Glass Will escort the process choosing the covers for the walls as the rest of the kitchen and will allow winning combination among the quality of the cover and design in high standard and quality without compromising, while meeting the needs and expectations of the clients to give the best result, with convenient prices and attractive packages tailored personally to every customer.

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