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Car Garages

Total span a leading manufacturer of products for better life, offers you perfect solution to your beloved car, you will get car garage, even for two cars. It allows you sleep quietly at night or to fly over seas with quite mind with be worried to much about your car.

Total span specialise in building wooden structures, it allows to combine in its leading products advanced, developed methods to create the perfect product. This time tootle span offers you solutions in the field quality car garages, that is standing in any weather condition, for many successful years.

A beautiful garage can slightly increase your house value, which is good when your property comes to sell by any of the real estate agencies.

Security is also an utmost importance when it comes to your garage, just like when you decide to install Security screen doors Brisbane for you home , you must take measures in protecting your car by having a secured garage.


Car garage from the home of total span. it's shape is like wooden cabin that is protecting you car. It spacious and comfortable, part for that it is built from wooden materials resilient from any various damages and theft. From now you can be quite and your car is in good hands.

Car garage is a must inject in any private home. if you have such quality product you can sleep quietly and not jump at night for every sound of alarm. Be calm, garages like that is the best thing that happened to you. To light up your garage, shop for power saving light bulbs, there are many designs to choose from.

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