LED Light Tubes

The latest in LED Lighting Systems for indoor and outdoor lighting applications: including LED screens displays for advertising, LED strips and modules for signage lighting, LED border lights and rope lights for architectural lighting, LED illumination lights for halogen replacement and complete power/control solutions.

Fobsun T5 LED Tube Light 5050 Series is the next generation of lighting solution with 5050 SMD LEDs to replace the conventional fluorescent light. This LED T5 Tube is high efficeint LED lighting fixture which can save 70% energy over CFLs.
Fobsun T5 LED Tube Light Ubright Series is the latest LED lighting solution with high efficient SMD LEDs to deliver ultra bright light in white and warm white. Compared to conventional fluorescent light, this LED T5 Tube can save over 70% energy with a longer lasting lifetime up to 35,000 hours.

Our latest T8 LED Tube, the FOBSUN uBright LED T8 Tube Light EPS Series utilizes 3528 SMD LEDs to ensure an ultra bright LED tube fixture of up to 1900 lumens!
FOBSUN is proud to present our newest Clear LED T8 Tube Light IPS Series - An OEM Retrofit T8 Fluorescent eco-friendly replacement fixture with an on-board interior power supply, so no high voltage ballasts are required.
Frosted LED T8 Tube Light' with interior power supply is the next generation T8 LED Tube, from the leader in LED Tube Lighting, FOBSUN.

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