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Do-It-Yourself Carports

Does your vehicle need a shield from the elements but you have no garage to place it in? Do not worry there is an alternative to that. Carports are very convenient and accessible and although services offered by carport designers may seem to cost you a fortune, do not fret, you can always be your own carport designers and build your own carport in no time.

Before being a full-fledged carport designers here are some of the things you need to be familiar with:

• Local rules and regulations by your building department. Depending on the size and qualities of your carport, you may need to get building permission before building your own.

• The correct size of the carport. Usually carports are built with enough space to store two cars underneath them. However, you can usually build larger ones to double as patio or are for outdoor parties. Usual carport sizes ranges from 20x20 ft to 20 by 30 ft.

• The roof. There are a variety of roofs to choose from. However standard roofs usually slope in a direction opposite the house and the lower side should be at least 8ft in height so have enough ceiling space for the vehicles.

• Floors. The floor of the carport can be made of gravel or concrete. When using concrete, it is best to check local building codes as some recommend that these extend below ground surface. This is tricky because you need to dig and excavate first and put in sand bases and install bars of steel to reinforce the strength of your flooring. This too should have a slope with the direction away from the home.

• Posts. Your posts should be adequate to support your carport. Most times a 4x4 post is enough. However, 4x6 posts made of steel offer better strength and durability. Posts should be installed only after the concrete floors are done. Beams are then installed on the posts.

• Rafters. The rafters of your carports should be supported very well by the posts and beams.

• Design. To prevent your carports from looking like an eyesore make sure to design them to complement the look of your house. As a carport designers, you have to ensure that it blends with the environment. To be able to do this, you can use the same materials as those used in the exterior of your house and add similar design elements to your carport. Or another option would be to use complementary elements to increase the character of your home.

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