The latest in LED Lighting Systems for indoor and outdoor lighting applications: including LED screens displays for advertising, LED strips and modules for signage lighting, LED border lights and rope lights for architectural lighting, LED illumination lights for halogen replacement and complete power/control solutions.


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Fobsun T5 LED Tube Light Ubright Series is the latest LED lighting solution with high efficient SMD LEDs to deliver ultra bright light in white and warm white. Compared to conventional fluorescent light, this LED T5 Tube can save over 70% energy with a longer lasting lifetime up to 35,000 hours.

Our latest T8 LED Tube, the FOBSUN uBright LED T8 Tube Light EPS Series utilizes 3528 SMD LEDs to ensure an ultra bright LED tube fixture of up to 1900 lumens!
FOBSUN is proud to present our newest Clear LED T8 Tube Light IPS Series - An OEM Retrofit T8 Fluorescent eco-friendly replacement fixture with an on-board interior power supply, so no high voltage ballasts are required.
LED MR16, GU10 and E27 bulbs are the culmination of FOBSUN's breakthrough combination of patented optical technology, LED packaging techniques, unique electronics and superior thermal management!
4 watt dimmable, MR16, GU10, E27 LED lamps adopt ultra bright Edison high power LEDs as light source, these lamps give off reliable white light and are the best to be used for background or effect lighting.
NEW! STATE OF THE ART! 2010 The latest and most exciting products to be introduced by us. FOBSUN MR16 LED spotlights save power and bring you bright and comfortable light. Do not compare these LED bulbs with other LED light bulbs on the market, these actually work!
G23 | G24 Downlight Replacement LED light bulbs give off directional light, which goes where you aim it. LED bulbs are close to the color of daylight, which new studies suggest is good for staying alert.
Want to create an elegant and classic atmosphere? Top class LED candle bulbs are available now! 3W LED candle bulbs are designed with our new patented technology and to replace traditional incandescent bulbs with the same lighting and reflecting effects.
A19, 7 Watts Household LED Light Bulbs with Nichia LEDs consumes only 10 percent energy as conventional bulb to give the same light intensity. With quality LEDs as the light source, this LED bulb has a power of only 7 watts.
A17, A19 compact household LED light bulbs offer an unobtrusive finishing touch to your interior design, providing the right light for any room. Thanks to classic incandescent lamp shape and conventional screw bases (E27, E26, B22) these innovative energy-saving LED bulbs
The energy-efficient PAR20 LED lamp uses about 10 percent of the energy consumed by a conventional lamp to give the same light intensity. With quality LEDs as the light source, this PAR20 bulb has a power of only 6 watts.
Par30 LED lamps are compatible with most Triac dimmers, ELV dimmers ( Lutron, Leviton etc.)  The energy-efficient Par30 bulb uses about 10 percent of the energy of a standard lamp,since it uses LEDs instead of standard filaments, this dimmable led bulb uses only 7 watts of power.
The 12W PAR38 LED lamp with Edison LEDs has the standard E27 screw base. Installation is fast and easy. No modification necessary. Simply unscrew the old energy wasting Incandescent or compact fluorescent bulb and screw in the new PAR38 bulb.
IP65 round LED wall washer combines the classical look of a round spotlight with a diameter of 170mm or 210mm and all the benefits of intelligent LED technology.
Hate the smell of paint? But still have to paint the walls of your house? Don't worry, now you can have the best LED wall washer light of the world, just color wash your house, it's quite easy. Put it anywhere you want, and you can rotate it through the mount to project light to specified area.
Hibeam™ IP65 linear LED wall washer is an exciting new range at LED projector lights which can create a gentle mood, give tranquil background lighting.
IP65 quadrate LED wall washer, our flagship, high-performance architectural floodlight, is the first LED fixture powerful enough to brilliantly and dynamically illuminate large-scale façades and structures.
IP65 rectangle LED wall washer is a rugged, full-color LED fixture designed specifically to withstand taxing stage, set, and touring environments. This fixture offers ease of installation and control.
10mm standard LED Ribbon utilizes super bright LEDs to deliver cool and even light. It features longer lifetime, higher brightness, lower energy consumption and even color at the tightest color tolerances.
10mm resin LED ribbon is available in red, green, blue, yellow, white colors and also RGB color that allows you to create stunning color changing effects with our controller.
10mm silicone tube LED ribbon is flexible, slim and high bright LED light strip with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. It is easy to install. Low working voltage and low heat damage ensure safe applications.
Frosted LED T8 Tube Light' with interior power supply is the next generation T8 LED Tube, from the leader in LED Tube Lighting, FOBSUN.