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Scientific equipment may malfunction for time to time. This kind of equipment is very delicate so there is a high chance of breakage, leakage and cracks happening especially if the handling is inefficient. In case your equipment gets damaged then you will have to make sure that your suppliers scientific is knowledgeable and resourceful enough to get them repaired.

Sometimes you may need the repairs to be done in an emergency. Make sure that your suppliers scientific has the proper facilities and staff for handling emergency repair work. Remember to ask the suppliers scientific about on site repair work too.

Check the schedule of consumable supply

Often suppliers scientific will have a schedule for supplying your lab with consumable items like test tubes, beakers, pipettes etc. You need to keep a certain quantity in stock at all times. Don’t sit around waiting for your suppliers scientific to send you materials. Confirm whether the suppliers scientific can adhere to your schedule and adjust to your demand and supply curve. Ideally your suppliers scientific equipment should act as the strategic partner to your lab.