LED RGB Wall Washers

LED wall washer and projector lights with high power LEDs and IP20 or IP65 protection create fantastic effects to light up architectures. These LED Lighting devices can create RGB color-changing effects when controlled by DMX consoles. Good to be used together with Timber Shutters Sydney or other home renovation.

IP65 round LED wall washer combines the classical look of a round spotlight with a diameter of 170mm or 210mm and all the benefits of intelligent LED technology.
Hate the smell of paint? But still have to paint the walls of your house? Don't worry, now you can have the best LED wall washer light of the world, just color wash your house, it's quite easy. Put it anywhere you want, and you can rotate it through the mount to project light to specified area.
Hibeam™ IP65 linear LED wall washer is an exciting new range at LED projector lights which can create a gentle mood, give tranquil background lighting.
IP65 quadrate LED wall washer, our flagship, high-performance architectural floodlight, is the first LED fixture powerful enough to brilliantly and dynamically illuminate large-scale façades and structures.
IP65 rectangle LED wall washer is a rugged, full-color LED fixture designed specifically to withstand taxing stage, set, and touring environments. This fixture offers ease of installation and control.

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