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Common Types of Water Tanks

Following is a list of some of the most popular kinds of Water tanks found in households and commercial buildings.

Concrete Tanks

You can use the water stored in concrete tanks for all domestic and household purposes, but you need to filter and treat the water properly before drinking it. Concrete tanks need to be cleaned out by professionals every few years or so for optimal hygiene standards.

Rainwater Tanks

You can even use rainwater for washing your clothes or for giving a bath to your dog/s. Rainwater, collecting in rainwater tanks, must undergo rigorous filtration and treatment procedures to make it fit for drinking or cooking or kitchen purposes.

Polyethylene Tanks

Polyethylene tanks can be used both below the ground and above the ground. Because of its lightweight nature, it is easy to install this type of water tank. Polyethylene water tanks come in a number of colours, sizes and shapes and therefore price points. You can either purchase it in the form of one complete unit or in parts which can be assembled later on.

Unlike other types of tanks, polyethylene tanks are much more hygienic. So you can store drinking water in these tanks. Polyethylene tanks storing drinking water are sometimes called round tanks.

Wood Tanks

Wooden water tanks enjoy the same benefits as steel watertanks, though they are decidedly old fashioned.

Slimline Tanks

Slimline water tanks are constructed out of galvanised steel or stainless steel. It is easy to transport and assemble a slimline tank. You can install or place it wherever you like. These types of tanks are available in standard shapes.

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